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Based on the fact that there has been a high rate of poor nutrition in Ikorodu North Local Government Area of Lagos State, the study examine the causes and effect of the condition of children under the age of fifteen. In this study, the following problems were investigated.

1    The causes of poor nutrition in the area

2    The effect of poor nutrition on children who are undernourished.

3     The relationship between pre-natal nutrition and post natal nutrition.

4     Children suffering setback in their academic pursuit.

The methodology and instrument for the study involves the use of two types of questionnaire (parents and teachers questionnaires) which were randomly administered in the five villages used. Result gotten from the analysis of the data collected with the questionnaires are matching with the interview of medical personnel in the locality. On the effect of poor nutrition in the areas, results showed that poor nutrition reduce children intellectual capability, interest in environment and motor development. Based on these findings the followings recommendations were made.

     1       A primary health center should be established in each of the villages so as to enable the women to have easy access to anti-natal and post-natal care.

      2    The Ministry of Health should integrate child care and psychological interviews in all wards in the local government area.

    3        The federal government through her school feeding program should have nutritional supplementation centres, so that poor nourished children can be supplemented to improve their academic pursuit.

4       Parents should endeavor to undertake literary knowledge so as to enable them to know ways of improving their children nutritional values. 









Chapter One


1.1       Background to the study

1.2       Statement of the problems

1.3       Purpose of the study

1.4       Research questions

1.5       Significance of the study

1.6       Scope of the study

1.7       Limitations of the study

Chapter Two              

Literature Review

2.1     Causes of poor nutrition

2.2     Common forms of poor nutrition

2.3     Pre-natal and post natal nutrition


Chapter Three         

Research methodology

3.1    Description of study

3.2    Sample procedure

3.3     Research instrument

3.4      Administration of the instrument

3.5.    Data  Analysis

Chapter Four

Data Presentation and Analysis

4.1.   Data Presentation

4.2.   Data Analysis

4.3.   Major findings


Chapter Five             

Summary, recommendations and conclusion

5.1   Summary

5.2   Conclusion

5.3.  Recommendation



Appendix I:   Parent's Questionnaire

Appendix II:.  Teacher's Questionnaire









It is a global menance that millions of children suffer from poor nutrition, nearly half of all death in children under the age of 15 years are attributable to under nutrition. Under nutrition puts children at greater risk of dying from common infections, increases the frequency and severity of such infections and delays recovery. (UNICEF DATA,et all 2021).The situation is further complicated in that children who suffer from poor nutrition usually come from socio cultural environment and suffers from myriad of deprivation and disadvantages that could themselves be detrimental to intellectual and behavioural development. It is upon this fact that the researcher found it necessary to be involved in such an important part of child's life development. No one is in doubt that the rate at which children under the ages of fifteen (15) years suffer is of course an issue of national urgency.

      As at 2006, poor nutrition continues to be a worldwide problems. According to the food and agricultural organization of the United Nations "850 millions of people worldwide were undernourished in 1999 to 2005, the most recent years for which figures was available", and the number of malnourish people has recently been increasing [FAO,2007]. In reevaluating the effects of poor nutrition on a child's development, the researcher will focus on the gradual growth of the child's mental process of understanding, and the gradual growth of the body movement produce by the muscular and control by nerves. However, it is critical to evaluate social and emotional development as well, because these fact may be equally important to an individual's success in life.


          This project attempt to investigate the causes and effect of poor nutrition in children under the age of 15 years, a case study of Ikorodu North Local Government Area of Lagos State. In recent times, poor nutrition is one of the ancient cause of diseases. The main issue in this is the continuous ignorance of the level of food intake which otherwise leads to taking of unbalanced diet especially in young children who are usually affected by  poor nutrition. The major problem is that they usually affect children because they are in a period of rapid growth that increases the demand for calories and protein for body metabolism. It is in view of this problem that the researcher has chosen to write on this topic with a view to making positive recommendation on the prevention and curative measures.

      Many preventable diseases causing infant mortality can be prevented if there is adequate awareness. Examining the causes and attendant effects will help an advocacy against ignorance.


The purpose of the research work is to find out the effects of poor nutrition on children under fifteen (15) years of age in Ikorodu in North Local government IG Ikorodu area of Lagos state. These are as follows

1.      To examine the causes of poor nutrition in Ikorodu local area of Lagos state.

2.      To examine the effects of poor nutrition on children who are malnourished.

3.      To examine the relationship between anti-natal and post natal nutrition in children.

4.      To examine the academic performance of children suffering from poor nutrition


The following research questions were formulated to enhance good outcome of the research work.

1.      Does poor nutrition in children causes poor motor development and   subsequent low activity level, apathy and lack of interest in the environment?

2.      Does poor nutrition have direct effect on children's central nervous system?

3.      Could nourishment of the children in their fifteen years influence their academic pursuit?

4.      Do children that are well nourished perform better academically than malnourished ones?.

1.5    Significance of the study.

The benefits that could be derived from the outcome of the research work are as follows:

1.      It will provide useful information to parents on how best to provide necessary nutrition to their children.

2.      It will help the identification of the causes of poor nutrition on children.

3.      The result of the research work will be important to parents, government, advisers, and education planners on ways of preventing malnutrition in children.

4.      Lastly, this research work will be a good starting point for the investigation in related field in future.

1.6 Scope of the study.

The study is based on the prevailing situation of the children under the age of fifteen years in Ikorodu local government area of Lagos state. The scope is going to cover some selected villages in the local government.

The research work will not cover children under breast feeding, but will focus on school age children

1.7 Limitation of the study.

1.    Financial constraint: This plays a major role to actualize goals. The researcher has been limited by the available capital to gather sufficient information needed for this research work at this time.

2.    Limited time: The researcher has been limited by the time frame of the project. However, sufficient information has been gathered to attain the purpose of this research

3.    Availability of materials: The researcher has worked with the relevant materials available at the time of carrying out this research work.

4.    Sufficient  access to relevant information may pose as a constraint to the study.

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