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This compilation on the (2011-2014) academic staff union of polytechnic (ASUP) strike was embarked by the compiler to enable the public most especially the comprisation of students, lecturers, working class personnel’s and other prestigious people in the country to have an insight about the various problems affecting the standard of education in our country.

        This research work on the ASUP strike will serve as a guide and a pointer to the details of information available on the present reasons why strike was being taken upon or why it has always been used as the last resort to end educational problems both by the students and staffs. It will also serve as a reading list for consultation by students in higher institution of learning.

        Also, it will be of good benefit to librarians, professionals, information scientists etc. in the acquisition of available information on the past and present ASUP strikes.





Down through the ages, education has always been at the force front of human existence, which entails that without education in this 21st century, its really going to be hard for the youths to make through for a better future.

        According to Longman dictionary “ education” can be define as the process of teaching and learning usually at school, collage or university, polytechnics on its own is an edifice of teaching and learning.

        Strike also was define as a situation whereby a groups of workers stop working for a period of time because they want a better pay or better working conditions. The 2011-2014 academic staff union of polytechnics (ASUP) strike was taken upon because the conditions which they expected the federal government to work on so as to enhance teaching in the various polytechnics in the country was overlooked and not paid attention to by the government.





TITLE PAGE                                                            i

APPROVAL PAGE                                                    ii     

DEDICATION                                                          iii    

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT                                           iv

PREFACE                                                                vi

INTRODUCTION                                                     8

TABLE OF CONTENT                                              9

BREAKDOWN                                                         10

BIBLIOGRAPHY ENTRIES                                      1     

AUTHOR INDEX                                                     5

CHRONOLOGICAL INDEX                                     6

SOURCE INDEX                                                     7

SUBJECT INDEX                                                    8





1.          Preparation/Embarking

2.          Appeal

3.          Resolution

4.          Violence

5.          Direct Action.



v    Preparation/embarking: according to Longman dictionary, these two subjects can be used to ascertain/ talk about something starting now. It means starting something new for any reason.

v    Appeal: oxford learner’s dictionary also defines an appeal as an urgent public request regarding a particular matter.

v    Resolution: The dictionary stands firmly to define this as an act and behaviour of being resolution. Therefore, being resolute also is defined to mean being determined not to change what you are doing because you are sure that you are right.

v    Violence: This can be define as an act of being violent in the oxford learners dictionary, being violent/an act of violence can be define as involving actions that are in tended to injure or kill people or are likely to hurt them too.

v    Direction: This can be define as a way of taking or involving major steps and particular decisions either to enhance or effect the present situation being faced at hand.







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