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This study is a descriptive survey of Staff Training and Development Programme for Junior Personnel in Ozoro Polytechnic, Auchi. The study examines the various type of training opportunities opened to junior staff with policies and criteria used in granting training and development programme for junior personnel. In the course of carrying out this research study, useful information vis-à-vis use of structure oral interview with staff of Ozoro Polytechnic, Auchi which is the researcher’s primary resources and the views of some authors in review of the related literature. The following findings emerged from a critical comparison of the views of authors of related literatures and what it is with Ozoro Polytechnic. That emphasis is been planned on training of junior personnel to meet the production technically and administrative oriented staff. That junior personnel on returns from training programme should be encouraged by ways of automatic conversion this motivates staff towards job efficiency.






Title Page                                                                




Table of Contents                                                    



Chapter One: Introduction

1.1      Background to the Study                                        

1.2      Statement of Problem                                             

1.3      Research Question                                                          

1.4      Research Hypothesis                                              

1.5      Purpose of the Study                                                      

1.6      Scope of the Study                                                  

1.7      Significance of the Study                                        

1.8      Limitations of Study                                               

1.9      Operational Definition of Terms                                      


Chapter Two: Literature Review

2.1      Introduction                                                            

2.2      Current Literature Review                                               

2.3      Relevant Theories of the Review                                      


Chapter Three: Research Methodology

3.1      Research Design                                                     

3.2      Population of the Study                                          

3.3      Research Instruments                                             

3.4      Data Collection/Analysis                                


Chapter Four: Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data     

4.1      Data Analysis                                                          

4.2      Interpretation of Data                                             

4.3      Discussion of Findings                                                           


Chapter Five: Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1      Summary                                                                

5.2      Conclusion                                                             

5.3      Recommendations                                                  


Appendix I                                                              

Appendix II                                                             








1.1      Background to the Study

Staff training and development is the process whereby organizations and institutions in order to meet the manpower demand for graduates in area of production, formulate policy in considering staff for training and development to improve on their efficiency and productivity. The staff training and development enables trainee improve their knowledge and skills. This contributes to achieving the objectives of the organization.    

This research choice of Ozoro Polytechnic, Auchi as a case study stem from the institution’s historical set-up and its gradual transformation through up-grading from the status of mid-western technical college in 1973 to Federal Polytechnic, Auchi proximity of the researcher.

To identify some of the problems junior personnel had in granting of training  opportunities and proffer some recommendations see chapter five of this project.

Some of the problems are; what type of training programmes are present in the institution?

What categories of junior personnel’s are considered for training programmes? What is the contribution of trained junior personnel to the institution? What basic qualification is required of junior personnel to be considered for the programme?

These problems enumerated above will guide the researcher in identifying some of the training programme, purpose of training programmes, importance of the training programmes to the institution and further research problems, limitation encountered during the research study. The use of structured interview on the research study.    

1.2      Statement of the Problem

This study is considered with the staff training and development programme for junior personnel in the Nigeria polytechnic, Auchi of Delta State. Precisely the study is aimed at ascertaining the effects of training and development programme on staff productivity and efficiency. It also aimed at establishing whether or not motivation has any positive role to play on the staff.

Also this research will address problems encountered from the criteria used by management in considering junior personnel for training case study of the staff development policy obtainable in the institution. A review of the qualification in considering junior personnel for training and development programme.   


1.3      Research Questions

1.          Is there any relationship between staff training and development and staff efficiency and productivity?

2.          Is there any relationship between proper funding of the institutions and productivity?

3.          Is there any relationship between proper funding of the institutions and productivity?

4.          Is there any relationship between good management and staff efficiency? 


1.4      Research Hypothesis

In order to achieve the objective of this study, the following hypotheses are drawn for testing.

Hypothesis I

Ho:  There is no significant relationship between staff training and development and staff efficiency and productivity.   

HI:    There is significant relationship between staff training and development and staff efficiency and productivity.

Hypothesis II

Ho:  There is no significant relationship between proper funding of the institution and productivity.

HI:    There is significant relationship between proper funding of the institution and productivity.  

Hypothesis III

Ho:  There is no significant relationship between good management and staff efficiency.

HI:    There is significant relationship between good management and staff efficiency.


1.5      Purpose of the Study

The research study into staff training and development for junior personnel case study of Ozoro Polytechnic, Auchi is to identify the type of training and development opportunities the institution grant to staff and the policy formulated in considering applicant for training opportunities through interview of some staff that have benefit from training opportunities in the past could appraise management contributions toward encouraging junior personnel.

The research compares the criteria that management use in considering junior personnel for training with the related literature review recommendations.


1.6      Scope of Study

There are about 17 federal polytechnic in Nigeria today. These institutions have been created to develop middle manpower, especially in the area of engineering.

Characteristically, the institutions have resiliently struggle to provide basically for this.

Not withstanding, this research work is limited in scope to Ozoro Polytechnic, Edo State. 


1.7      Significance of the Study

Staff training and development programme is very important in any organization, private or public. This is because the management of such institution to a great extent can best be evaluated based on the desirability and comfort of the staff. It is therefore hoped that the processing and outcomes of this research along with its significant shall be relevant in that it will

1.          Make suggestions to the management of this institution and others on how best they can make staff effective and efficient, thus enhancing productivity.

2.          To assist the school on how to generate funds to educate staff.

3.          How to promote harmonious relationship between management and staff etc.   


1.8      Limitations of the Study

Any human endeavour is usually limited any unquantifiable constraints. This study is not an exception to this established fact. The researcher in doing this study encountered the following limitations;   

Time: Time was the greatest constrains as this work was combined with academic and examination.

Information Data: Due to limited information the researcher has to search through past project to gather data. This was rather too efficient given the limited time.    


1.9      Operational Definition of Terms

While Cumning (1979:25) is of the view that employee at all level should be trained to enable them perform efficiency and prepare them for promotion.

In Ozoro Polytechnic, staff development and training policy provision is in contrast, for a junior personnel must posses the minimum qualification and admission requirement to merit any training proramme opportunity.

Lawrence (1972:4) that training development abilities in junior personnel to perform in any role assigned as a result of knowledge and still acquired through training.

Junior personnel and only assigned role on return from training and based on such staff, have been converted to a post commensurable to the newly acquired training qualification.

Martins (1977:29) define training as an investment in people and that there should be systematic training of junior personnel in any organization.

In case of Ozoro Polytechnic, huge number of junior personnel are streamlined that it is not all applicant are entitled, this can be attributed to lack of fund but statistics shows that junior personnels now develop themselves by actually undergoing part-time training programmes.

The necessity to train junior personnels lead to formulation of policy.

In recognition of the fact that increase in  workers efficiency and productivity is as a result of training.

While authors define policy as agreed framework within which specific action can take place, and suggest that junior personnels are not pass through the regions of considering them for training programme.

David King (1965:30) in his book “training within the organization” that policy tends to resolve and that many arise in actions and authority to grant staff who are qualified and met training opportunities.

In Ozoro Polytechnic, Auchi the policy for considering junior personnel for training and development are strictly base on qualification by such personnel, the relevance of the course to the department such staff belongs, good recommendation from the head of department and subsequent approval by management on recommendation by the junior staff committee. 

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