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This study investigated the methods and resources for teaching economics in senior secondary schools in few selected schools in Lagos mainland area. Five research questions were formulated for the study. The instrument for data collection was questionnaire that was administered on the spot. Data collected were analysed by the use of frequency percentage and chi-square statistical tool. The investigation involved few randomly selected secondary schools. The findings of the study included among other things, that there is fairly sufficient instructional materials, insufficient period, teachers’ working condition, school environment and proper motivation on the part of the teacher. The educational implication of the study was discussed and recommendations made.





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Chapter one: Introduction.

1.0       Background to the study.

1.1    Statement of problems

1.2    Purpose of the study.

1.3    Research questions

1.4    Significance of the study

1.5    Scope and limitations of the study.


Chapter two:  Literature Review.

2.0       Introduction

2.1    School environment of learning

2.2    Teacher’s working condition

2.3    Instructional materials of learning

2.4    Teacher’s motivation towards teaching

2.5    Insufficient period of learning

Chapter Three: Research methodology

3.0    Introduction
3.1    Research Design

3.2    Area of study

3.3    Population of the study

3.4    Sample and sampling techniques

3.5    Instrument for data collection.

3.6    Administration of Instrument

3.7    Data Analysis


Chapter Four: Analysis of research Question and Results

3.0       Introduction

4.1       Analysis of research question 1

4.2       Analysis of research question II

4.3       Analysis of research question III

4.4       Analysis of research question IV

4.5       Analysis of research question V

4.6       Summary of the findings.


Chapter Five: Interpretation and Discussion of result

5.0    Introduction

5.1    Interpretation and discussion of results.

5.2    Interpretation and discussion of results.

5.3    Educational implication of the study.

5.4    Limitations of the study.

5.5    Recommendations

5.6    Suggestions for further studies

5.7    Summary of the entire study










1.0   Background to the Study

Economics is one of the electives or group of subject   studied at senior secondary school (SSS) level under the National policy on education. Economics curriculum has been designed by the comparative education study and adaptation centre (CESAC) to meet the requirements of economics in the new system. The guiding principle of the curriculum is the need to equip graduates of the SSS with the basic knowledge and skill that will enable them to better appreciate the nature of economics problems in any society.


The scope of economics therefore involves the determination of what aspects of the various constituent contents would be most valuable for the realization of the objectives of teaching economics.


It is obvious that economics is by its very nature has relevance to everyday life. Thus, an attempt has been made to integrate the theoretical foundations of the subject with their practical applications. The scope covers both immediate and distant environment in content and methodology. The transfer of knowledge requires some instructional strategies and the curriculum have been designed as a teaching syllabus with built-in teaching scheme and some suggested strategies to facilitate the teaching and learning process. This approach is expected to ensure the effective handling of the subject in the classroom by inexperienced or untrained teachers while reinforcing the knowledge of teaching methods and resources of the trained teachers.


However, the economics teacher needs to acquire competences in the methods and resources used in teaching economics in senior secondary schools. These competences include content competence, competence in transmitting the content to the learner and competence in the use of variety of instructional material, and competence in evaluating instruction. The teaching and learning process involves some methods and resources of enhancing meaningful learning through the use of instructional resources.





1.1    Statement of Problems:

The alarming decline in the use of different methods and resources for teaching economics in senior secondary school that might be caused by dilapidated buildings, teachers working condition, insufficient instructional materials, lack of proper motivation on the side of the teacher and inadequacy of period assigned for teaching of economics calls for concern.

The various attempts made by the government through the organisation of workshops, seminars and conferences seem to be yielding result but not enough to stem the problem. A change is inevitable going by the fact that students who are in the centre of this predicament constitute a large percentage of manpower supply in the society. For the future of this country to be guaranteed, students have to be properly guided and resources harnessed for the benefit of mankind. 


1.2    Purpose of the Study.

Study has been undertaken with a view to investigate the methods and resources used in teaching economics in senior secondary schools. It will therefore, examine the methods and resources in process of teaching and learning economics in our secondary schools. The study will specifically determine the following:

i.        Examine school environment as it affects the methods and resources for teaching economics.    

ii.       Verify if teachers’ working condition influence the       methods and resources for teaching economics.

iii.      Investigate the influence inadequacy and non-availability of instructional materials has on teaching methods and resources.

iv.      Ascertain if teacher motivation would improve efficiency and effectiveness in teaching and learning economics.


v.       Examine the adequacy of the period assigned to the teaching of economics.


1.3.   Research Questions:

This research sought to answer the following research questions:

i.        To what extent does school environment affect the methods and resources for teaching economics?

ii.       Does teacher working condition influence the methods and resources for teaching economics?

iii.      What influence does non-availability and inadequacy of instructional           materials have on methods and resources for teaching economics?

iv.      Does lack of proper motivation affect methods and resources for teaching economics?

v.       Does insufficient period affect the methods and resources for teaching economics?


1.4    Significance of the Study:

At every point in the growth and development of education in Nigeria, we are ever reminded of the immense benefit of education to humanity.


There is need to apply knowledge from economics to many area of our life endeavour in other to benefit the society, the achievement of these objectives necessitates an understanding of the basic teaching of economics. Thus, our research is of esteemed benefit to:

i.        Employers of labour by ensuring that outputs from schools are adequately trained and employable.       

ii.       Parents, by giving them fulfilment as a result of improved academic performance of their children and wards.

iii.      Society, by reducing the menace of drop out and social ills of failing education.

iv.      The teachers, by advancing their quest for better condition of service,           admiration and respect from the public.

v.       Students by promoting better interaction between teacher and student,           with the view of improving students’ academic performance.

vi.      Teachers, by directing their attention to the need of adopting more           appropriate teaching methods.

vii.     School administrators, by helping to identify better strategy of   improving teachers’ effectiveness and productivity in the school system.

viii.    School proprietors, by appreciating the need to make available the necessary instructional materials.




1.5    Scope and Limitations of the Study:

The study is restricted to SS2 and SS3 students of few selected secondary schools in Lagos Mainland. This will make for convenience, comprehensiveness and quality of the data drawn from the schools.

     Few limitations were however encountered during the research of this work. There was reluctance from some respondents in answering the questionnaire. During the administration of the questionnaire, some students could not read and comprehend to make their responses to the questions. At the time of this research, government schools were on strike, so it was difficult getting students from public schools.

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