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        The purpose of this study is to investigate the degree of youth’s participation in the police activity of the country. Among the crucial roles by the youths of Nigeria is that they help to commission (NEC) by serving as poll clerk, poll assistant and presiding officer. They also help to mobilize the masses to turn out in mass in order to register for election also they assist the law enforcement agents to monitor and supervised each and their respective constituency or delimitation.

        Not just only that equally serve as a watch dog by monitoring both the collection and counting and also announcing the election result. The method adopted in research methodology is through primary source i.e. I consulted journal; magazine, new use of. I also prepare the questionnaire in other to sample the opinion of the people concerning the level of participation of youth in Nigeria.

        I finally recommend that youth should be empowered, by providing quality educations, self employed methods and by introducing poverty alleviation programme in order to boost the morale and the living standard of the youth so as to enhance their participation in political activities of Nigeria since they can be refer to as the “Leader of Tomorrow”.



TITLE PAGE                                                                     i

APPROVAL PAGE                                                             ii

DEDICATION                                                                   iii

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT                                                    iv

TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                     vi

ABSTRACT                                                                       viii


1.1      Background of the study                                          1

1.2      Statement of the problem                                                6

1.3      Significance of the study                                          7

1.4      Scope of the study                                                   8

1.5      Research Questions                                                         9

1.6      Aims and objective of the study                               9

1.7      Definition of terms                                                   10


2.1      Concept of Youths                                                   15

2.2      Concept of Politics                                                   16

2.3      Effect Nigeria Youth in Politics                                 19

2.4      Factor Militating against Youths Participation in Nigeria Politics   25


3.1      Research Design                                                      28

3.2      Population                                                               29

3.3      Sample Sampling Procedure                                    30

3.4      Instrumentation                                                       31

3.5      Validity of Instrument                                              32

3.6      Procedure for Data Collection                                  33

3.7      Procedure for Data Analysis                                     35


4.1      Data Analysis and presentation                                       36

4.2      Data Analysis of phase one (Personal Data of the Respondent)        37

4.3      Data analysis of second phase (respondents view to the research question)     42


5.1      Summary                                                                 46

5.2      Conclusion                                                              47

5.3      Recommendations                                                   48

REFERENCES                                                         50

APPENDIX                                                               52











The aim of the politician is to gain and used power over his fellow men. The art of political power is one of the most difficult of political power to the arts. No matter wise and experienced we may be, it is often difficult to decide what is the best thing to do as in other arts, to becomes really successful, we needs natural gifts by studying where they failed, and try to find out the reason why. This is often called politics.

The desire that Nigeria should be a free just and democratic society, a land full of opportunity for all its citizens, able to generate dynamic, economic, economy and growing in to a united, strong and self-reliant nation. It is to discover the general principle on which government can be carried on successful, it is politics. Politics designed from a Latin word.

POLITICS: - which in turn is derived the Greek. Polis or community. Politics stems form associated desire and purposes. It is a group phenomenon because men who have similar desire and purpose can decide to form a group where two or more such group exist in a society conflict its inevitable especially when it comes to pursuing a similar goal. The conflict may not resolve within the frame work of government machinery, politics also regarded as an society. They role of ingrain youth in politics since 1993 to were not encouraged.

        However, youths in a human community are peoples in age brackets (81 – 45 years old) they are adolescents who are peeping in to kingdom of adulthood. Youth are expected to live by example for the adolescent to learn positively from the while at the same time they have to show the readiness to learn form the elders without bias.

        Nigerian youths can be separated from the children and adults when one consider the gain and losses of the nation in any political dispensation in the country. A happy country is a reflection of happy families in the country. The roles youth plays in Nigeria politics since 1993 to date may be mush but not all negative.

        First and foremost, the ambition of the youths trying to become rich overnight and get to the top of the leader within a very short time. The youths are in great haste to become rich overnight. Some of the youth either because of joblessness or eagerness to get rich quickly have drifted into politics showing youthful exuberance, impatience, intolerance and incompetence to manage the affairs of man. Youths derive pleasure from good adventure and misadventure.

        Furthermore, youth are being used as thugs, murderer, arsonist and all short by the money bags and powers that be.

        Unfortunately pathetically, some of them lost their lives in the causes of carrying out this dastard acts. While their pay master children are abroad. Nigeria youth must resist being used by these heartless but also participants in the politics of the country.

        The world service as a positive role for youths, now find joy in killing manning one another. All these and more have made people lost confident in the youth becoming leaders of tomorrow, where in lies their role at their prime age, they have nuisance, miscreants and all sorts. However, we must hasten to say that only paucity of youths indulge in these acts there exist decent ones among them but the saying that if one finger brought it solid others, makes the decent ones unknown. Except through divine intervention, their role stand to be doubtful, however, with tones unknown. Except through divine intervention, their role stand to be doubtful, however, with tones of prayers, all hope is not lost. The role play by youth in Nigeria politics since 1993 to date would be incomplete without giving a positive part of it.

        The agitation for democracy since 1993 to date led the formulation of strong union called Nigeria youths in politics “the aims and objective were, to preserve Nigeria culture and tradition in politics to liberate its people from the yolk of military regime. These and many more were what the union (Nigeria youth in politics) stood for.

        The effects of these budding and ebullient youth coupled democratic government struggle did not go notice. It really yielded fruitfully results as Nigeria got democratic government. Therefore, politics as a game that must be played according to its rules should be seen by youth as a way forward for the country.  As promising future leaders, their roles in Nigeria politics would go along way with responses and confidence in them their opinion could server as guide in Nigeria politics.



In an independent nation like Nigeria, the role of youths in politics since 1993 to date is very low and not encouraging when compared with that is happing in other parts of the world. Youth have not giving more chance to prove their worth. The following problems have been constituted by the researchers.

(i)          The poor financial strength of the part youth’s has contributed to their low performance in politics.

(ii)        That there is low level of political awareness among the youths.

(iii)      That lack of encouragement makes youths have low perception in involvement in politics.

(iv)       In availability of adequate resource personnel which are specifically designed to develop the interest of the youths in political settings.



The significance of the study is to:

(1)        Serve as data base for general community by allowing items to draws talents and skill from the largest number of information given.

(2)        It also helps the youths in the sense of dignity and value, and also alerts both ruler and ruled to duties and responsibility and broadens their political understanding.

(3)        It serves as a reference materials to researchers and future writers.

(4)        To help government planners derive useful material for planning purpose, for examples, non-existences of a social welfare scheme which has turned our youths in to endless searcher for daily bread.



The physical and imaginary constraints encountered by the researcher in the process of collecting data for this project include.

Financial constraints is one of the limitation of this project work lack of sufficient fund, this projects work does not cover much areas as intended. It would have been intensified to cover more than what this project contain now.

However, this research work is limited to the roles of Nigeria youth in politics since 1993 to date as the scope. Insufficient time in carry out the research is another constraint that the researcher encountered during this project. The response of those interviewed is another problem the researcher encountered. They were not fully willing to give out information as required. Therefore showing down the pace of the researcher’s work.



The aims and objectives of this study is to protect Nigeria image in democracy, to preserve Nigeria culture and tradition in politics, to liberate its people from the yolk of military regime.

These and many more were what the union (Nigeria youth in politics) stood for. And also to protect the image of Nigeria democracy through proper enlightenment given to the youths on why they should participate in politics.

To ensure that the youths are liberated and developed in line with customs and tradition guided Nigerian democracy. To make the youths aware of the need for safe guarding democracy in Nigeria. To inject political education and orientation into the minds of the youths at initial or early time.


Williams (1965) defined polities as a social process characterized by activity involving rivalry and cooperation in the exercise of power that culminating in the making the decision for a group. Politics is derived from a Latin world POLITICUS which in turn is derived from the Greek polis or community. Politics stems from the associated desire and purpose. It is a group phenomenon because man who have similar desires and purpose can decide to form a group where two or more such groups exist in a society conflict is inevitable especially when it come to pursuing a similar goal. The conflict may or not resolve within the framework of government, machinery. Politics also regarded as an activity which group of people engages themselves in the society.

Electron means the process of electronic a group of people for a position especially political position.

Embezzlement: - Use of public fund for private benefit diversion of public fund into private account.

 Corruption: is an effect, act, dishonesty or illegal that making somebody changes from moral to immoral standard of behaviour.

Participation: is the act of taking part or become involved in activity or event.

Violence: is behaviour that is intended to hurt or kill somebody.

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