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Management information technology used for improving staff performance in an organization is being examined in this research. The quest for efficient workforce to ensure improve staff performance has been the pre-occupation of every business organization.

The outcome of the development of new gadgets of modern technology is the availability of information on all walks of life. A large amount of information technology is available now in a fraction of time that person would have taken days to gather the cost of this effort in next to nothing.

The changes that have taken place now are the fold of communication and technology are “The Information Technology" like all other revolution. This one also has been started and no one knows how it will end. But we processed the capacity of analyze the challenges that information age possess in our ordinary and working lives and how to develop on the opportunities thrown up by it.

The me3thdology employed to achieve these objectives were a combination of secondary and primary source of information. The primary source involved field survey. This consisted of administering questionnaire. Data collected was analysed using simple percentages and chi-square.

The study then discovered the following as findings:

Ø The introduction information technologies in the producing industry appear to have brought it some increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of industries.

Ø The adoption of information technology components not only eases information processing and retrieval system, which ensure quick, fast and prompt services delivery.

Ø Application of information technology also increases productivity and competitiveness through the development of new products.


Title page





Table of Contents



1.1     Background of the study

1.2     Statement of Problems

1.3     Significance of the study

1.4     Objective of the Study

1.5     Research Questions

1.6     Statement of Research Hypothesis

1.7     Research methodology

1.8     Scope and limitation of the Study

1.9     Organization of Study




2.0     Introduction

2.1     Concept classification

2.2     Objectives of Information Technology

2.3     Salient Attributes of Information Technology

2.4     Information Technology Policy

2,5     Conceptual/Theoretical Framework

2.6     Impact of Information Technology on Internal Control System

2.7     Implication of Information Technology in Selected Industries

2.8     The Significance of Information Technology on our Selected


2.9     Definition of Terminologies




3.0     Introduction

3.1     Restatement of Research Hypothesis

3.2     Restatement of Research Questions

3.3     Research Design

3.4     The Population and Sample

3.5     Sampling and Procedure

3.6     Research Instrument

3.7     Administration of Research Instrument

3.8     Data Analysis Procedure

3.9     Limitation of Methodologies



4.0     Introduction

4.1     Classification of Responses

4.2     Analysis of Respondents’ Bio-data

4.3     Analysis of Data and Interpretation

4.4     Testing of Hypothesis





5.0     Introduction

5.1     Summary and Findings

5.2     Recommendations

5.3     Conclusions







1.1    Background of the Study

Today, we all aware of information Technology (information revolution) in which the supply of data is increase rapidly over few years.  The blend in of internet technology has a huge impact in the changing of traditional business, and is ready the latest phase in the business world whereby all business firm need to update their infrastructures and change the way they work in order to respond more immediately to consumer need.  Today workers also have instant access to all the data they could ever want.  Though, this ease of information exchange also has its draw back emails, fax machine, voice mail, web site, snail mail pagers cell-phone and overnight express countries are petting employee with a surplus of data as a result of these the employee the finding it difficult of discriminate between useful and useless information and between what is truly important and what is routine.


The outcome of the development of new gadgets of modern technology is the availability of information on all walks of life.  A large amount of information is available now in a fraction of time that person would have taken days to gather the cost of this effort in next nothing.


The change that are taken place now is the fold of communication and technology are “The information Revolution" like all other revolution. This one also has been started and no one know how it ill end. But we processed the capacity of analyze the challenge that information age possess in our ordinary and working lives and how to develop on the opportunity thrown up by it.


The Internet is like to be a source of interaction with consumer and the respective organizations. The use and development or Internet technology is directly tied to the current culture and the future and the future opportunities contemporary organization.


Effective information management is of such strategy importance in business today that many companies hire a top level manager called Chief Information Officer (CIO) to design and develop the company's decision-making process. Everyone initiatives and receiver importance one form or another ill your home, your working environment and in transit between you are constantly receiving more information than you can possibly absorb. Business people use information to increase organizational, efficiencies to stay ahead of competitor, find new customers, keep current customers loyal and achieve competitive advantages. As a businessperson you will be expected to know how to use technology to manage information effectively in the work place.


The research tried to examine both the relationship between information technology systems. Some organization considered it as a luxury. However some of the problem faced by organizations that are not ready information technology include.


The research tried to examine both relationship between information technologies as it influence on the performance of organization.


1.2    Statement or Problems

Despite the advantage draw from proper installation of information technology system, some organization considered it as a luxury. However, some of the problems faced by organizations that are not ready to be cognizance or information technology include:

Ø There has been continuous case of inadequate security of data and organizational property in the past.

Ø The adoption of information technology system is regarded as a concept that reduced organizational profitability due it increase in operational case.

Ø There is always a. problem of inability and lack or effective application information technology on a part of employees in an organization.

Ø Many organization faced by the problem of inability to complete effectively in the market which caused poor performance due to lack of information technology.

The following relevant research question were examined in the course of this study.

Ø Is there any significant effect of information on an organizational profitability?

Ø Will the adoption of information technology enhance employee job performance?

Ø Will the cost of training and development of staff in order to adapt to the (technology charge) not impact negatively on organization profitability?

Ø What has been the effect of information technology organization performance?



1.3    Significance of the Study

The outcomes of this study will enable various individual, business organization, banking industry and large society to have a real picture on importance of computerization as it effect individual and business establishment can get involved in application and utilization of computer it show the significance to the following:


To the manager: It will expose the manager to the prospects and problem of information technological and the various ways in which its implementation can improve their organizational performance.


To the organization: It will increase the productivity or workers, which in turn increase the efficiency, and profit of organization.


To the academic: It will sense as a foundation for further research.


To the larger society: It will expose the benefits vis-a-vis the Internet drawback of information technology on the life business activities of the society.


1.4    Objective of the Study

The objective of this study is to assess information technology on business activities and the effectiveness and efficiency of business organization vis-a-vis.


Others will include assessing the following:

1.      Services/products offered by the organization

2.      Organizational profitability

3.      Customer's perception of the organization in order to achieve these objectives, this study is focused on the use of computer in business organization.


1.5    Research Question

1.      What are the determinants of organizational profitability?

2.      Does the service/product offered by the organization determine its success?

3.       Docs customer's perception in the organization will lend to achieving its objectives?

4.      What determines the effectiveness and efficiency of an organization?


1.6    Statement of Research Hypothesis

The following research hypotheses were tested in the course of this study:

Hypothesis One

Ho:    There is no significant relationship between the introductions of computer on organizational profitability.

HA:      There is significant relationship between the introduction of computer on organizational profitability.

Hypothesis Two

Ho:    The adoption of technological solution does not have any significant effect on sales turnover.

HA:      The adoption of technological solution has significant effect all sales turnover.


1.7    Research Methodology

This is centre to the procedure adopted for data collection and analysis. Significant of the methodology adopted for any research study cannot be over emphasized. This is because the extent to which the result of any research work can depend upon the method used by the research colleting processing data.


Research Design

The survey research design will be adopted for this study. The purpose of this research design is to analyze the impact of information technology on organizational performance.


The population and sample

Since the quality of data that goes into a study largely determined the quality of information. The population of this study will comprise the organization staff and management. The working population of this study largely determines the quality of some selected industries.


Research Instrument

Since the quality of data that goes into a study largely determines the quality of information that will hold both source data (primary and secondary source) was used.


1.8    Scope and Limitation of the Study

It should be noted that information is applicable to all business organization be it profit making or not, private or public organization. The scope of this study is to cover the public sector of the selected industries.

The researcher was limited by a number of factors among which are inadequate time and material resources to carry out the study extensively besides, paucity of funds affected the scope of the study and likewise the distribution of the research instruments. Another constraint that may likely hinder an in-depth analysis of the study is inaccessibility to S01l1e relevant data.


More so, bearing in mind the number of industries in the country, the industries under consideration forms a very small proportion in this regard.


1.9    Organization of the Study

This study reveals the effects of information technology on organizational productivity. This research work will be categorized into five chapters.


Chapter one gave an insight to the introduction of this research work. By highlight the background of the study and explained briefly the historical background of the study, it will also mention the objective, scope and limitation study, research hypothesis, question, methodology, definition of terms and the light.


Chapter two will deal with literature review of relevant heptameters, and it will consist of related works and more imperial done in the past.


Chapter three of research work will be the methodology or gathering the information for the study. This will indicate the manner in which the research work was conducted. It will include primary and secondary data collection.


Chapter four of the study cover the presentation of the analysis and interpretation of result, the use of appropriate statistical tools, response and hypothesis is tested in order to make decision.


Finally, chapter five contain the summary of findings, conclusion and recommendation for decision making.

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