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The study was designed to determine the effectiveness of cash management on growth and survival of a manufacturing company using Nigeria Bottling Company Plc as a case study.


A descriptive survey sample design was adopted. Data was collected for funding a self developed questionnaire which was validated and tested for reliability. A total of seventeen people took part in the survey.


The random sampling technique was used to select the subjects - to answer the research questions and hypothesis raised in the investigation, percentage and chi-square were used.


The result showed that effective cash management is necessary to ensure the smooth running and survival of the company. The data collected indicated that all variable investigated do not significantly influence effective cash management on growth and survival of a manufacturing company in Nigeria Bottling Company Plc.


Recommendations were therefore made based on the findings for improvement in the communication net work. And more so it is important to consider other valuable like stock management, debtors management among others affecting management company’s growth and survival.





Title Page                                                                                           

Certification                                                                                        i

Dedication                                                                                          ii

Acknowledgement                                                                               iii

Abstract                                                                                              iv

Table of Contents                                                                                v


Chapter One

1.1     Introduction                                                                              1

1.2     Historical Background of Cadbury Nigeria Plc                          2

1.3     Statement of the Problem                                                          5

1.4     Statement of Research Question                                               6

1.5     Statement of Research Hypothesis                                            7

1.6     Aim and Objectives                                                                   7

1.7     Significance of the Study                                                          8

1.8     Scope and Limitation of Study                                                  9

1.9     Definitions of Terms                                                                  10


Chapter Two

Literature Review

2.1        Introduction                                                                              11

2.2        Cash Management CYC                                                             12

2.3        Objective of Cash Management                                                 13

2.4        Importance of Cash Management                                              13

2.5        Definition of Cash                                                                     14

2.6        Motive for Holding Cash                                                            14

2.7        Factors Determining the Company’s Level of Cass Requirement     15

2.8        Cash Management Strategies                                                    17

2.9        Cash Flow Problems                                                                  18

2.10     Possible Effect Of Cash Flow Management Problem                  20

2.11     Techniques Of Easing Cash Flows Problem                               20

2.12     Effective Cash Management                                                       22

2.13     Element Of Cash Management                                                  24

2.14     Specialized Methods Of Cash Management                               36

2.15     Working Capital And The Control Of Cash                                38

2.16   Cash Operating Circle of a Manufacturing Company                39

2.17   Sources of Finance for Companies                                            40


Chapter Three

Research Methodology

3.1        Introduction                                                                              43

3.2        Research Design                                                                        43

3.3        Research Question                                                                    44

3.4        Research Hypothesis                                                                 44

3.5        Characteristics of Study                                                            45

3.6        Sampling Design and Procedure                                               45

3.7        Method of Data Collection                                                         45

3.8        Method of Data Analysis                                                           46

3.9        Limitation of the Study                                                             47


Chapter Four

Data Analysis and Presentation

4.1     Introduction                                                                              48

4.2     Data Presentation                                                                     48

4.3     Analysis of Data                                                                        48

4.4     Test of Hypothesis.                                                                    57


Chapter Five

Summary, Recommendation and Conclusion

5.1         Introduction                                                                             60

5.2         Summary of Findings                                                               61

5.3        Conclusion                                                                                62

5.4        Recommendation                                                                      62

5.5        Recommendation for Further Studies                                       63

Bibliography                                                                             65

Appendix                                                                                   68




Cash is the most important asset for business operation. It is the basic input required to start the business and essential tool needed to keep the business running on a continuous basis. Cash is also the ultimate output expected to be realized by selling the products or service on an organization. Infact, it is the lifeblood of business. Effectual management of cash is essential in maintaining the cash control of business cash flow.


While management is the process of organizing controlling, coordinating the resources of an organization in an efficient and effective manner iii order to achieve direct result.


Cash management can be defined as the art of managing (i.e. planning, controlling, organizing and co-ordinating) cash and cash equivalent in an organization to ensure the objective of the organization which might include profitability, growth and survival (Pandey I. (2004).


Every organization estimate its future cash need with some relevant technique or tools for making financial decision for the organization as a whole, but face a fundamental problem of managing cash with a liquidity buffer to meet unexpected contingency. Liquidity itself is a measure of financial viability. It refers to a firms ability to pay its obligation when they become due. Management of cash involves trade off between:

i.             Liquidity: Having enough cash available to meet everyday demand;

ii.           Profitability/Cost: Holding high balance of cash is costly in terms of cost investment interest. while unexpected deficit can be expensive if emergency funding is required.

Cash management in any organization involve the operating cash cycle which is component of the working capital. Therefore cash cannot be studied in isolation. In a manufacturing company, cash management covers the following:

i.             The provision of cash as Capital for the Company initial out lay which generated from friends family or loan at bank.

ii.           The procurement of raw materials

iii.          The distribution of finished goods to obtain immediate cash or create debtor when goods are sold on credit term.

 In practice, a carefully monitored budget will generally provide the basis for cash management.



The Nigerian Bottling Company Plc was incorporated on 22nd November, 1951 as private limited liability company with authorised share capital of N200.000 divided into 400,000 ordinary shares of 50 kobo each and issued per capital of N130,900 divided into 261,800 ordinary shares of 50 kobo each. The entire shareholding was then owned by foreign shareholders notably late Anacliasions George Leveiltis.

It got converted to public company in 1972, and it is the most profitable and promising member of Leventies Group of Companies but the manufacturing units within the Leventies group known as Beta Industries Limited which was to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Nigeria Bottling Company Plc. 

 In the light of emerging developments, however, it became necessary for the new company to run independently as a commercially viable unit.

The main business of the company is the bottling of soft drink. It is sole bottler in Nigeria of the coca-cola and scheweppes range of soft drinks.

 As at the date of this study, NBC’s authorized share capital is N275,000,000 divided into 550,000,000 ordinary shares of 50 kobo each. Out of which 483,740,4400 share are issued and fully paid.


The paid up capital of Nigeria Bottling Company Plc is beneficially held as follows:


No. of Shareholders

% Holding

Nigeria citizen



Foreign shareholders



Molino Soft Drinks S.A.







Its subsidiaries associated companies and investment are as follows-,

a.       SUBSIDIARIES:                                                                100%

Sum it Agro Industrial Company Ltd                                  100%

Nigeria Bottling Company Plc Benin) Ltd.                          100%

Apapa Chemical Industrial Limited                                   100%

Grown Products Limited                                                    60%

Delta Glass Plc                                                                 57%


          Valley Foods Limited                                                        48.13%

          Blaize Industrial Company Limited                                   40.00%

          Kupa Firms Limited                                                         40%

          Continental Can (Nigeria) Ltd.                                          22.05%


          Beta Industries Limited                                                    3.67%


The manufacturing process of Nigeria Bottling Products is based on carefully measured combination of sugar, water, carbon dioxide and concentration which are 400, usually imported from the United States to ensure that some standard is maintained 261,8( throughout the world.

NBC Ikeja plant, has a very broad organizational structure with the plant managers at its apex, directly under him are those occupying the functional management position.  These are the assistant plant manager, plant accountant, sales manager and bottling manager.



During the proceed of achieving efficient cash management, financial manager encounters source problems, which have not made the management of cash resources an easy task.

The type of problem associated with cash management which the management which the study will be trying to provide answer to in relation to manufacturing company includes the following:

a.       Problem of generating fund either to be used as start-up capital or daily operations.

b.       Determination of right investment opportunities to invest idle cash.

c.       Determination liquidity policy to embark upon to maintain a balance between liquidity and profitability.

d.       Identification of methods of ensuring cash adequacy.

e.       Problem of funding mis-match in project or investment financing in which short term fund is used to finance long term project.

f.        Problem of deciding on the amount of cash to be hold by the organization in order to meet up with their demand.

g.       Determination of uses to which surplus funds can be put to generate income.

h.       Adequate management of receivable or debtors to ensure debt recovery.

i.        Problem of planning for the adequate supply of stock that will provide constant inflow of cash to be the organization.



This study will seek to answer the following question:

1.       Does any significance relationship between cash management and profitability and growth of manufacturing companies?

2.       What impact does effective cash management has on the profitability and growth management has on the profitability and growth of manufacturing company?

3.       How does an effective cash management ensure the growth and survival of a manufacturing company?

4.       Will the manufacturing company grow and be more effective in its business operation if cash is properly managed?



The aim of the research is to examine the impact of cash management on the growth and survival of Nigeria Bottling Company Plc. They are:

(a)      To examine the sources of Nigeria Bottling Company Plc

(b)      To identify the constraints and likely problem that Nigeria Bottling Company Plc. face in raising funds.

(c)      To review the existing cash management of Nigeria Bottling Company Plc for efficiency and effectiveness.

(d)      To examine the effect of inadequate on the profitability and growth of Nigeria Bottling Company Plc

(e)      To make policy recommendations on efficient and effective cash management in the manufacturing industry.



The following hypotheses will be tested in the project:

Hypothesis One

H0:     Effective cash management has no significance impact on profitability an growth of manufacturing company.

Hi:     Effective cash management has a significant impact on the growth and survival of manufacturing company.

Hypothesis Two

H0:     There is no significant relationship between cash management and growth and survival of a company.

Hi.     There is a significant relationship between cash management and growth and survival of a company.



The significance of this study is established on the assumption that for any manufacturing company to survive and maximize profit, there is need for such company to manage it can effectively.


The research will also enable the management to compare and contrast the various methods of raising fund to finance the productive activities of the company and it will allow them to choose the best alternative. More so, it will be of great value to the management of the company because it will afford the management of to examine the current system of cash management in the organization.


It will afford the company the opportunity to maintain an optimum cash position and take corrective measure in situation of shortage or surplus liquidity. The findings of this study is expected to educate the general and potential manufacturer who might be opportune to lay hand on this project in their respective line of business.


Above all, the study will enable the company to amend some system of operation which the research world reveal as inappropriate for effective cash management.


This study, will concentrate on the cash management problem of Nigeria Bottling Company Plc and its cash management policies as regards control to monitor the inflow and outflow cash.


It shall only cover the finance department of the company where cash is raised, managed and accounted for. This will enable the researcher to gain in the company.


The concentration of the study would be to find out in Nigeria Bottling Company Plc. operate and effective. Cash management determine the ways by which cash management affect the growth and survival of Nigeria Bottling Company Plc. The chief among many, limitation of the study is the difficult in obtaining relevant information Nigeria Bottling Company Plc.


Another major problem militating against the smooth conduct of this research is the lack of adequate finance.


Notwithstanding the highest limitation is hope that this research will be useful to many organization that may want to embark on an effective and efficient cash management.


CASH: Money or any negotiable money under a cheque, including the collected balances or deposit with a bank that is assumed to be available for use by the enterprise.

CASH BALANCE: a cash budget is a summary statement of the firms expected cash inflow and outflow over a projected time current asset.. CASH SURPLUS: This is the excess of cash generated over a cash applied resulting in an inverse in working capital.

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