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Security is a prime concern in our day to day life. Everyone wants to be as much -cure as possible. An access control for doors forms a vital link in a security chain. The microcontroller based Door locker is an access control system that allows only authorized persons to access a restricted area. The system is fully controlled by the 8 microcontroller AT89S52 which has a 8Kbytes of ROM for the program memory. The password is stored in the EPROM so that we can change it at any time. The H item has a Keypad by which the password can be entered through it and a liquid crystal display (LCD) which displays the process that is going on inside the system. When they entered password equals with the password stored in the memory then the relay gets on and so that the door is opened. If we entered a wrong password for more than three times then the Alarm is switched on. When we go inside and later comes out then the microcontroller will prompt the user to press the # key to lock the door again, after which the password has to be entered again to gain access.




TITLE PAGE                                                                                        i

CERTIFICATION                                                                                  ii

DEDICATION                                                                                      iii

ACKNOWLEDGMENT                                                                           iv

ABSTRACT                                                                                          v

TABLE OF CONTENT                                                                           vi


1.0     Introduction

1.1     Motivation  

1.2     Aims and Objectives    



2.0     Literature Review  

11      Access Control System Basic Operating Principle   

2.2     Review of some Access Control Systems in the market   

2.2.1  BioEntry Pass— Fingerprint Reader    

2.2.2  Bio Entry Smart — Fingerprint and Smartcard Reader     

2.2.3  Beacon — Door Controller        

2.3     Real Life Configuration of a Secured Room Access System       

2.4     Description of the Project       



3.0     Design and Construction

3.1     Design        

3.2     List of Components I used in the Project     

3.3     Description of the Project Construction       

3 4     A Brief Introduction to 8051 Microcontroller

3.5     The Hex Keypad   

3.6     Interfacing Hex Keypad to 8051        

3.7     Relay and Control of the Motor

3.8     Power Supply        

3.9     Constructional Details and Final Packaging 

3.10   Control Software Program Design      

3.11   Operation   


4.0     Recommendation and Conclusion      

4.1     Recommendation  

4.2     Conclusion  







Password Based Door Security System using Microcontroller” is used in the places where we need more security. It can also used to secure lockers and other protective doors. The system comprises a number keypad and the keypads are connected to the 8 bit microcontroller AT89S52. This is one of the most popular Microcontrollers. It has only 40pin stand there are 32 input/output lines. The microcontroller has a program memory of 8 Kilobytes. The microcontroller continuously monitor the keypad and if somebody enters the password it will check the entered password with the password which was stored in the memory and if it they are same then the microcontroller will switch on the corresponding device. The system will allow the person who knows the password and it will not allow who don’t know the password and the system will also show the persons who try to break the protection barrier. Below is the block diagram showing the arrangement of the system.


This Project is intended generally for creating security awareness and consciousness in people and individuals especially for users in high security threat places such as banks, government sectors and homes.


1.       To protect Defenseless people from harm.

2.       To defense information, assets and infrastructure against unauthorized access, sabotage, willful damage, theft or disruption.

3.       To ensure that only loyal, reliable and trustworthy persons with an established need can access sensitive or classified Defense information and assets.

4.       To prevent unauthorized disclosure of classified information, whether deliberate or accidental.

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