COST CONTROL AND REDUCTION TECHNIQUES IN A PUBLIC SECTOR (A case study of Kwara State Property Development Cooperation)

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Title Page                                                                                          i

Certification                                                                                                ii

Dedication                                                                                         iii

Acknowledgement                                                                                      iv

Table of Content                                                                               v


1.1            Background of the Study                                                                  1

1.2            Statement of the Problem                                                                  3

1.3            Objective of the Study                                                             3

1.4            Significance of the Study                                                                  4

1.5            Research Question                                                                            5

1.6            Scope of the Study                                                                            6

1.7            Organization and Plan of the Study                                        6

1.8            Definition of the Key Terms                                                    7


2.1            Cost Control Techniques                                                                  9

2.2            Cost reduction Techniques                                                      14

2.3            Effective Cost Control                                                             16

2.4            Value Analysis and Engineering                                              17

2.5            Appraisal of Literature Review                                                         18




3.1            Population and Sample Size                                                    28

3.2            Sampling Techniques                                                              29

3.3            Method of Data Analysis                                                                  29

3.4            Limitation of the Study                                                           30



4.1            Data Presentation                                                                    32

4.2            Data Analysis                                                                          33

4.3            Findings                                                                                  38



5.1            Summary                                                                                 40

5.2            Conclusion                                                                              42

5.3            Recommendation                                                                     43







One of the means of measuring the performance of an organization management is its efficiency. Efficiency relates to the optimum utilization of inputs to derive the best achievable output. An efficient manager executes his responsibilities with the last resources and maximum output to accomplish the organizational goals.

An important goal at a profit oriented organization is to operate at a profit. However, if now effort to generate maximum revenue is not cost efficient, it will only be more difficult to achieve the goal. As strategies are employed to maximum returns on one hand, it is of equal importance for the management to institute conscious and methodical programmes that would assist in controlling and reducing the resources input in order the revenue will not be totally consumed by astronomical expenses.

We thus discussed the two techniques that could assist management to maximize cost namely: Cost Control and reduction techniques for the purpose of this study. We shall call them Cost Management techniques (CMS).

We viewed Cost Control to be an application of costing to enable management to compare actual cost with planned cost and to take any necessary corrective action before it is too late.

Before any control can be affected, standard or target of performance must be set against with actual cost can be measured through this method inefficiency will be revealed.

Cost Control can also be viewed to be an exercise in good house keeping that is avoiding a wasteful use of valuable resources and encouraging efficiency and cost consciousness.

In contrast, coat reduction programmer start with an assumption that cost levels are too high, through coat control might be good.

Cost reduction, therefore is a planned and positive approach to reduce expenditure. These cost management techniques (C.M.T) could be utilized extensive by profit oriented organization producing goods and services provided that the economic and political climate is stable for growth.



This topic for this project is cost Control and Reduction techniques. Due to lack of enough time the research work is average. In this case, the various researches problem formulated are in question forms. These are

i.                   What is the historical background of Cost Control and reduction techniques?

ii.                 What are the reasons for recent cost control and reduction

iii.              Does the recent cost control and reduction have any prospect for Kwara Property development Corporation KWPC?

iv.              What are the likely problem facing cost control and reduction direction to KWPC?


The research objectives of the Study, therefore to:-

i.                   Identify, I any Cost managements techniques currently employed in property development Corporation.

ii.                 Apply Cost management techniques to the area of interest.

iii.              Determine the optimal level of Construction Cost Nigeria.

iv.              Give an overview of Construction Cost factors in Nigeria.

v.                 Examine the effects of constitution Cost information on Cost Management techniques C.M.T.

vi.              Evaluate the effects of delayed payment on the Construction Study.


The study will give more light on or be beneficial to the professionals like architects engineers, Quantity Surveyors and Accountants. It will enlighten and bring about improvements.

The study will enlighten so many institutions to improve and not close down because this is an era of sky rocketing prices and inputs and unlike in the past, many commercial organization and finance houses have Closed down, below acceptable capabilities due to high Cost of inputs.

To survive therefore, it is not enough to deal with revenue aspect alone but also to keep Cost an expense as minimal as possible.

The study will also give us more insight on invaluable assistance of the research work to Kwara State Property Development Corporation and other Commercial Organization involved in construction work. Human wants are unlimited and resource available are both disproportionately scarce and also have alter native and competing uses. The situation is aggravated for a Corporated body whose native now depend on the unstable and highly inflationary Nigeria economy to compute with complex situation, the best use has to of scarce resources available

1.5            RESEARCH QUESTION

The research questions are basically derived from the purpose of the Study. Hence, they are formulated from relationship between variable or effect of one variable upon another. The focus of this study by research work is to identify Cost Control and reduction techniques in Kwara State property Development Corporation. Hence, in the course of the study effort has been made to find solution to the following research problem.

i.                   What is the impact of Cost Control and reduction in Kwara State Property development Corporation.

ii.                 What are the various Cost Control and reduction techniques used in the Kwara State Property Development Corporation?

iii.              What are the various problem associated with Cost Control towards Cost reduction?

iv.              What are the benefits that accrues to Kwara State Property Development Corporation through the adoption of Cost Control and reduction techniques

1.6            SCOPE OF THE STUDY

Firstly, the Scope of this research work is limited to Kwara State property development Corporation due to time constrain and unwillingness of the respondent in Kwara State Property Development Corporation.

More so, literature was reviewed on Cost Control and Cost reduction technique and it was covered by the scope of the research work, despite of not going beyond the limit.


The research work will be divided into five chapters.

Chapter one will have the background of the study. Statement of the research problem. Objective of the study significance of the study. Research Question, Scope of the Study, Study Plan and Definitions of key.

Chapter two will treat Cost Control, Cost reduction, Effective Cost Control, Value analysis and Engineering and appraisal of literature review.

Chapter three will discuss brief history of the case study modes of Data Collection and Data Analysis techniques.

While chapter four will contain Introduction, Data Presentation, Data Analysis and Findings.

Finally, Chapter five will discuss the Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation.


COSTING: It is the techniques or a process of ascertain cost. Controlling Cost this is due cost which can be influenced by the action of a member of an organization and it is relevant to decision making and very important is measuring operational efficiency.

BUDGET: is a financial and quantitative statement prepared and approved prior to a defined period of time of the policy to be pursued during the period for the purpose of attaining a given objective.

COST BEHAVIOR: in relation to volume of activities is a measure of degree of response of a cost item to a small charge in the level of activity.

COST CENTRE: it is a location person or item of equipment in respect of which cost may be ascertained and related to cost unit for control purpose.

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