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This research work focused it attention on The Conflict of Official and Social Relationship between a Secretary and her Boss (A Case Study of Osun State Government Secretariat Osogbo). The population consists of 25 secretaries and their boss is in Osun State Government Secretariat. A well structured questionnaire was designed and administered on the subjects. The following research questions were used for the study (i) Does intimate personal relationship between the secretary and her boss undermine the boss’s authority in the organization? (ii) How far is it true that secretaries who keep late office hours are suspected of having immoral dealing with their bosses? (iii) Is it true that illicit affairs between a secretary and his/her boss can create room for leakage of important office secret? (iv) Can close relationship between the secretary and her boss lead to disorder in the office? Simple mean method was used to analysis the data collected. Data analysis revealed that the major causes of conflict between the secretary and the boss is unhealthy relationship between them and it was concluded that relationship between boss and secretary should be official of partners in business.    





Title page                                                                                                                   i

Certification                                                                                                              ii

Dedication                                                                                                                 iii

Abstract                                                                                                                      iv

Acknowledgement                                                                                                   v

Table of content                                                                                                       vi




1.1       Background of the Study                                                                           1

1.2       Statement of Problem                                                                                 1

1.3       Research Questions                                                                                   2

1.4       Significance of Study                                                                                 2

1.5       Scope of Study                                                                                             2

 1.6      Limitations of the Study                                                                              2




2.0       Definition of Secretary                                                                                3

2.1       Qualities of a Secretary                                                                              4

2.2       Duties and Responsibilities of a Secretary                                             8

2.3       Secretarial Code of Conduct                                                                     13

2.4       Causes of Social Conflict Between the Secretary and her Boss        14



3.0         Research Methodology                                                                              17

3.1       Population of the Study                                                                              17

3.2       The Study Sample                                                                                       17

3.3       The Research Instrument                                                                          18

3.4       Method of Data Collection                                                                         18

3.5       Method of Data Analysis                                                                            18



PRESENTATION AND ANALYSIS OF DATA                                                  19

4.0         Presentation                                                                                                 19

4.1       Analysis of Response Bio-Data

4.2       Analysis of Data                                                                                           19 




5.0         Summary of Findings                                                                                 24

5.1       Conclusion                                                                                                   24

5.2       Recommendations                                                                                      25

            References                                                                                                   26

            Appendix                                                                                                       27






1.1       Background of the Study           

            The secretary is defined by 20th Century Dictionary as “one who is employed to write or transact business for another”. The role of the secretary has changed with advent of civilization and word processing equipment. The role played by a secretary in an organization is beyond writing for the employer. A secretary is expected to handle minor issue of an organization.

            When the employer is away from he office, the secretary is the one that takes care of the office on behalf of the boss. He/she will be responsible for the handling of matters, such as handling mails (internals and external), telephone calls and the welcoming of visitors to the office. In view of this there can be ineffective administration in an organization if there is immoral relationship between the secretary and her boss. This is because the familiarities between them make the secretary to take her job lightly. The official relationship is referred to the duties to the that are expected to be performed buy the secretary and her boss in connection with each other, while the social relationship means illicit affair that exist between the two. The main purpose of the research work is to identify the ways in which the relationship affects the nature of their work.


1.2       Statement of Problem

            It is a common belief that we have more female secretaries both in the private and public services and because of the closeness between the secretaries and their immediate bosses, there tends to be some illicit affairs, which may affect the performance of their work.

            Therefore the researchers wish ton determine how social relationship between the secretary and her boss conflicts with their official and formal relationship.

1.3       Research Questions

The aim of this research project is to find out the impact which the relationship between a secretary and her boss has in an organization and home. To find out these impacts the following research questions will be sued.

  1. Does intimate personal relationship between the secretary and her boss undermine the boss’s authority ion the organization?
  2. How far is it true that secretaries who keep late office hours are suspected of having immoral dealing with their bosses?
  3. Is it true that illicit affair between a secretary and his/her boss can create room the leakage of important office secret?
  4. Can the close relationship between the secretary and her boss lead to disorder in the office?

1.4       Significance of Study

The purpose of this study is to identify the factors that are responsible for the social relationship that normally exists between the secretaries and their bosses and its affect on the performance of their official duties.


1.5       Scope of Study

The research on this subject matter is formed only on some few civil servants in Osun State Government secretariat who are high enough in their positions to have secretaries who work with them.


1.6       Limitations of the Study

It is not possible to interview al the highly placed civil servants and their secretaries because of lack of sufficient funds and time, knowing fully well that the researcher are full time students who are faced with some other serious academic work.

The work findings may be used to organize and determine the level of performance of some secretaries as a result of their social relationship with their supervisor.

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