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The front desk section of a hotel is of utmost importance because it is the first point of contact with any customer. This is why the service encountered by the customer at this section of the hotel goes a long way in determining if such customer will subsequently check back at such hotel or not. Tourists have different experiences based on their encounters and interactions with the hotel front desk officers. Therefore, this study focused on the impact of the front desk services on the increased revenue generation of some selected hotels in Ibadan North. Purposive random sampling method was used in carefully selecting the respondents. Questionnaires were administered to sixty front desk officers and sixty hotel customers of these selected hotels. The primary data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential (chi square) statistics.  The findings of this research shows that most of the tourists passed satisfactory and impressive remarks about the services that they got from the customer service sections of these hotels. It also reveals that there is significant relationship between customer satisfaction and increased revenue generation of the hotels. Therefore useful recommendations were drawn from the result of the findings.

Keywords: front desk, service, and tourists







                                   CHAPTER ONE

1.0         Background of the Study

1.1         Hospitality Industry

1.2         Statement of Problem

1.3               Aim And Objective Of The Study

1.4         Research Questions

1.5               Significance of study

1.6         Scope of study

1.7         Definition of term




2.1         Hospitality industry

2.2         Quality in the hospitality services

2.3         What is a Hotel?

2.3.1      Types of Hotel

2.4         Resort Hotels and Resort Destinations

2.5         Tourists experience in Hospitality industry

2.6         Concept of Customer care 

2.7         Justification for quality customer service.

2.8         Relationship between customer care and customer satisfaction

2.8.1      Fostering customer opinions as a means of customer Satisfaction

2.8.3      Customer care as a means of business survival.

2.9         Service Delivery in the Hospitality Industry

2.10       Tourist satisfaction in relation to hospitality industry

2.11       Customer expectation from a hospitality industry




3.0         Introduction

3.1         Research Design and sampling technique

3.2         Selection of study area

3.3         Population of study

3.4         Sample and sampling techniques

3.5         Research Instrument

3.6         Procedures for Data Analysis




4.1         Responses from front desk workers

4.1.1      Demographic Characteristics of the front desk staff

4.2         Responses from tourists

4.2.1      Demographics of tourists



5.0         Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1         Conclusion

5.2         Recommendations






                                   CHAPTER ONE

1.0      Background of the Study

1.1      Hospitality Industry

Hospitality is the relationship between guest and host, or the act or practice of being hospitable. Hospitality is also known as the act of generously providing care and kindness to whoever is in need. According to hospitality means ‘the friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers’. Specifically, this includes the welcome, reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers in a warm, friendly and generous way. Globally, the hospitality industry is an industry to reckon with because it is employing a lot of resources (human, capital and infrastructure) and causing a lot of development to occur around anywhere it is cited.Hotel industry is a big business worldwide. Olawuyi and Adedara (2015) opined that in Africa, hotels spring up in large numbers, although many are not up to global standards but the staff strength of these hotels increased and that helped to provide job opportunities. The specific recent growth of the hospitality industry in Nigeria is apparent and remarkable. More private and public investors are hugely investing in the hospitality industry in Nigeria.Ayeni and Ebohon (2013) opined that the tourism sector is a magnet for foreign direct investments and affords developing countries the opportunities to attract inward direct investments both for soft and hard tourism infrastructures. International investors are also handsomely investing in tourism (most especially hotel and hospitality industry) in economically viable areas of the world.  It is among the world‘s top creators of jobs, requiring varying degrees of skills and allows for quick entry into the workforce for youth, women and migrant workers.

Hospitality industry centresaround the provision of accommodation, food services, relaxation and party services for residents, tourist’s and travelers over a short period of time. Mackenzie and Chan (2009) reiterates that broadly speaking, Hospitality is the act of kindness in welcoming andlooking after the basic needs of guests or strangers, mainly in relation to food, drink andaccommodation. Hospitality industry can thus be broken down into the following sections:

v  front office

v  food and beverage

v  managerial

v  housekeeping sections respectively.

All these sections are found in a hotel. The front office section of a hospitality industry houses the customer care representative of the hotel. The front desk is a section of front office. This is the first point of call/contact for any prospective customer and it is this section that this research focuses on.  The primary function of the front office is that of a facilitator between the guest and other departments. The number of interactions and transactions between the guest and the hotel during a guest stay determines the type and nature of front office operations. The stages of guest stay are:

v  pre-arrival,

v  arrival,

v  occupancy, and

v  departure.

Various transactions between the guest and the hotel, therefore, depend upon the stage of the gueststay. Another job of Front office desk is also to support and help in providing services to theRegardless of the class or type of the hotel, front office is the most visible and essential focal-point ofa hotel. The focal point of activity within the front office is the reception desk, which is located in thefront lobby of a hotel and dispenses all front-of-the-house activities of the hotel. It is thecommunication centre of the hotel with great amount of guest contact. Guests interact with the hotelfor the first time by interacting with the staff of the front office, and they form the first impressionabout the hotel based on the efficiency, competency and behaviour of the front office staff.Stated below are the functions of the front office;

Front Office:

ü  Sell guestrooms, reservation, register guests and assign guestrooms

ü  Coordinate guest services

ü  Provide in-house and external information to guests

ü  Maintain accurate room statistics and room key inventories

ü  Maintain accurate room status information

ü  Maintain guest accounts and settle their bills


To fulfill these basic responsibilities the front office is broken into different sections each with distinct roles. These sections are:

Front desk

Reception: this section receives and welcomes the guest. The reception registers guests and assigns room to them.

Information: this section is used for providing various information to in-house guest.

Cashier desk: this section is used for checkout process of the guest. The cashier maintains the guest’s accounts during their stay.

Guest relation desk: this section is used for collecting guest feedback and maintenance of guest history. The guest relation executive ensures that all guests, especially the VIPs, are kept comfortable during their stay.

Bell desk: this section is used for assistance of guest during check-in and checkout process.

Travel desk: this section is used for assistance of guest for arranging vehicles for guest movements and for making train/ airplane reservation.

Lobby manager: The lobby manager coordinates all guest services. He is the representative of the General Manager at all times during the day and night. He /she oversee the bell desk, concierge, transportation and valet services.

The food and beverage section of the hotel is the section where various types of foods and drinks are prepared based on the customers demand. The personnel that work under this section are the chefs and the waiters. The managerial section of a hospitality industry houses personnel that are the decision makers of the respective industry. The managerial section is usually based on specialization for standard hotel and they could be Human resource manager, marketing manager, general manager and managing director. Meanwhile, some cheap and low standard hotels in Nigeria usually have one manager. The house keeping section of the hotel involve individuals that are involved in the prompt changing of bed sheets, toiletries and cleaning of the room before the room is being allocated to another customer.

Meanwhile, Mackenzie and Chan (2009) opined that there are two main business sectors in the hospitalityindustry and they are:

·       Accommodation – To provide accommodation (and usually food and drink) topeople who for whatever reason are away from home

·       Food and beverage – To provide food and beverage to local, commuting, transientcustomers and tourists

It is noteworthy that not all hospitality industries are meant for profit making. For instance, some small hostels and private lodge for churches and schools are usually not meant for money making but rather for their staffs and members.

Table 1 reveals that hospitality section of tourism is divided into feeding and accommodation sections. Nordic council members (2012) while studying the overview of hospitality sector in Norway buttressed this point by breaking the sections of hospitality industry into feeding, accommodation and food and beverage operations while stating the subset under each category.


Food and beverage operations



hostels etc

restaurants and cafes

camping, tourist cabins

fast food/ quick service restaurants

other accommodation

catering and canteens operated as independent businesses



Table 1: Breakdown of Hospitality industry

Source: Nordic council members (2012)

1.2 Statementof Problem

There are several hotels in Ibadan North local government. Front desk is an important department section of hotels and it is found in all hotels within the case study.

Research and reported interview had revealed that one of the factor that enhance sales it the attitude display by front desk officer. At times customers or tourist are discourage by the  way the front desk officer relate with the and as a result they might decide not to patronize such hotel.

Also, service of meal is another relevant issue that leadtopoor revenue generation. Some of the front  desk officer are show nonchalant attitude while attending or servicing customers; some neglect the fact that customers are always right and it is a satisfactory relation that bring the customer the subsequent time.

However, this research work consider the impact and  effort put into job expression of the hotels, how their customer had been so as to see if it actually enhance revenue.

On the other hand, the study revealed the ways which front desk officers can enhance their service which will surely promote  the service and yield to high revenue generation.

1.4  Aim And Objective Of The Study

The main aim of this study would be to know the relationship between increased revenue generation of the hotels in Ibadan North and customer satisfaction by the front desk section of the hotels.

Therefore the objectives of the study would be to:

  • Examine the impact of the front desk on customer satisfaction
  • Examine social impact of the front desk section of the hotels on the case study
  • Examine the perception of the front desk officers on their job role and duties


1.4Research Questions

The following research questions would be considered for this research work

· What is the impact of the front desk on customer satisfaction?

· What is the social impact of the front desk section of the hotels on the case study?

· What is the perception of the front desk officers on their job role and duties?

1.6  Significance of study

The study will be beneficial in the following ways, if it is generally acceptable;

At first, the study will be useful for all developing and newly established hotel on how to entertain or deal with the customer.

Likewise, it will consider front desk officer satisfaction and also help to modify such bad character if there is any.

Moreso, it will help hotels to developmore strategies in generating revenue or increasing revenue of the firm

1.6  Scope of study

The scope of this study is specifically based on assessment of front desk services on the increased revenue generation of some selected hotels in Ibadan north local government.

Moreso, the study also consider the influence of these hotels in the community and the level of development in the community since inception of the hotels which has  to do with their social life.

On the final note, the study will focus on some selected hotels with high focus on the front desk service and customers satisfaction, this implies that these area will be treated with separate questionnaire.

1.7  Definition of term

Hospitality:This is the business of providing catering, lodging and entertainment service for people. Simply the act of welcoming guest.

Reception: This is as section of the hotel where guests are received

Front desk:This is a section the hotel that makes room reservation, provide information and services to guest.

Cashier desk: This is a section of the hotel reserved for cash attendant of the hotel

Lobby:This is an entryway area of the hotel

Accommodation: This is act of lodging in a dwelling quarters afforded to travellers or tourist in hotels or on cruise ships

Revenue: This is the total income generated on a business transaction carried out by a firm or an organization

Customer satisfaction: This is the state of providing an adequately expected pleasure to customer at the point of entertainment

Tourist: This is a person who travels for pleasure rather than business

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