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This project work is carried out  in order to review that factors which influence and affect the operations of business organization in its environment. The purpose for carrying out this research work is to know the significance and relevance of the study which are discussed in the project. Secondly, since a business does not operate in a vacuum, the firms economic and competitive environment are also discuss to know the opportunities which the firms are to seek and the threats to avoid. also, the factors which facilitate the operation of the business and those which hinders the firms operation are all important issues which are looked into  in this project work. In this case, the expectation of the organization  is its social responsibility of the organization which will enable the business to operate peacefully  in its locality are also discussed. Thirdly, the method for gathering information which aid the research in writhing  up this project are reviewed and analyzed. Finally, the analysis and the research to draw up some findings which were to come out with various conclusions from which recommendations are given. If allowed by business men, they will become  successful in their operations.












Title Pages                                                                                                                i

Certification                                                                                                             ii

Dedication                                                                                                                iii

Acknowledgement                                                                                                iv

Abstract                                                                                                                    vi

Table of content                                                                                         vii


1.1            The Background to the study                                                                 1

1.2            Aim of the study                                                                                         2

1.3            Statement of the study                                                                             3

1.4            Statement of the Hypothesis                                                                  4

1.5            Scope of the study                                                                                     5

1.6            Significance of the study                                                                          6

1.7            Limitation of the study                                                                             7

1.8            Definition of Terms                                                                                    9



2.0      introduction to the study                                                             11

2.1      Current Literature Review                                                           13

2.2 Impact of Environment Factors on Business Organization     18

2.3      Relevant theories of the Review                                                27

2.4      Summary of the study                                                                 29



3.1      Introduction                                                                                                            33

3.2      Types and sources Data                                                                           33

3.3      Research Design                                                                                         34

3.4      Data Presentation                                                                                       36



4.1 Introduction                                                                                                     37 4.2  Data Presentation and Analysis                                                                       37



5.1      Summary of Finding                                                                                  48

5.2      Conclusion                                                                                                   49

5.3      Recommendations                                                                                     50

            Reference                                                                                                     52


























Beta Glass Plc is manufacturing organization which is established for the production of bottles. Organization is located of Ughelli in Delta State. This organization was set up by leventis group of companies in the year 1979.  Mainly per the  production  of hole  low bottles like tumblers mug bottle, lamp bulb, pharmaceutical bottles e.t.c. this  organization does not product plain sheet like mirror, livers e.t.c and that is how its products are differentiated form those of  Bended Glass company .

Before now, Beta Glass company has been know as Delta Glass  company limited since its establishment in the late seventies not until the year 2001 when the name was now changed from Delta to Beta just because leventis which to identify their similar products with a uniform name was changed to Beta Glass, Ughelli plant and Beta Glass company, Agbara plant in Lagos.

The reason why this organization was established at ughelling due to the availability of raw materials like smooth sand (sand silica) which is needed in large quantity of the production of bottled. And availability of resources is one of the factors which affect the localization of industry.

Another reason for setting it up in ughelli is due to the availability of manpower  apart from these, there are other external factors which, motivate the setting up of the of the industry in such a place but these factors will be dully discussed in a later chapter of this study. The organization is as  a system with, various apartment which work towards the achievement of the company overall goal. 


The Nigeria business environment has been discussed extensively by many authors due to its importance to the business organization infarct, the success and parllure of a business organization depends partially on the environment surrounding it which goes a long way in affecting the operation of the organization.

Mangers as well as schools should consider the factors effecting localization of industry and the availability of raw material needed for production before setting up an industry in a particular place.

Due to the role the  environment play on the organization this research work is therefore aimed at investing into:  

1.   The reasons for setting up an organization in a particular place most especially Beta Glass company which used as a case study in this project.

2.   The environment factors such as physical, socio-cultural, political e.t.c. and how they affect on establishment.

3.   How changes in the environment affect/influence the activities of the organization .


The problem which inherent in this research work is to point out how important an environment is to an organization, since there is no establishment that can be operated successfully  without its environment for this reason, it will be of imperative importance to carry out a possibility study on the environment where one hope to set up a business before establishing the business in that area. This will enable  you to know the threats and opportunity which are available in that area. Since this will help the  manger to take preclusive measure in preventing the threats and finding out a strategic means of exploiting the opportunities which are available.

The  research work is to provide answers to the under listed questions in the course of the research findings:

i.             Is Beta Glass Plc established in Ughelli as a result of the availability of opportunities?

ii.            Is it true that business cannot operate without the environment?  

iii.          Has there been increase or decrease in productivity? What is a responsible for that?


The hypothesis to be tested in this study include the following

Ho: that the level of effectiveness means of Beta Glass does not depend on the environment.

Hi: that the level of effectiveness means of Beta Glass workers depends on the environment.


This project work talk about the importance of business environment to business organization with Beta Glass Plc as the case study.

        The scope of the study will therefore be  restricted to the local environment surrounding the local of Beta Glass Plc, Ughellli the environment factor within that vicinity will be discussed to reveal how they  affect influence the operation of the Organization.

        Also, the reason or these factors which makes the environment to be of paramount importance to the organization will be discussed critically since they motivate the discussed critically since they motivate the localization of the industry in that particular area.

More also, the researcher will investigate so as to know if the environment is actually of great importance s the organization claim it to be.

Finally, in this study, some relevant terms will be which are used in this project it will be analyzed and some of the short comings which were encounter during the course of carrying out the research work.


It is prominent to state that this research work will be of great importance to many parties when it is successfully completed.

The first party to benefit from this research work is Beta Glass  Plc which is used as the case study. The organization will benefit since the research in to some areas which will create unity and harmony between the organization and the community at large .

This research work will also be of importance to business men (person ) most especially those who are going into but for the first time because this work reveals the first time because this work reveals the factors  which are to be considered before setting up an organization in a particular area. It will also be of relevance since it print out the fact that on organization is needed to be established close to an area  where there are factors that influence localization of industry.

The next group to benefit from this research work is the consumer. This group will benefit in the  sense that their suggestion and critics will be put out consideration by the organization most especially when it has to do will the  quality of the product their critics will be adhered to and the quality of the product will be improved upon  to meet consumer taste.

This research work will also be of great significance to the marketers  because from the investigations carried out, it from the investigations  carried out, it was discovered that, there has been increase in the company productively due to the application of good marketing strategy (like giving of discount, reddening after sales service, giving credit facilities e.t.c) these strategies will be of relevance of markets who it is adequately adopted.


In the course of carrying out this research work on the importance of business environment of business organization in  Nigeria with Beta Glass Plc , Ughelli a the case study, so many hurdles were met and crossed.

The most serious one had to do with time constraint due to the short semester we were having. this create  a real  pies sure on time because the researcher was also preparing for  other class activities such as submission of assignment, preparation for test and exams e.t.c all of which  are time consuming and this makes it difficult for the researcher to devote  an extra time in doing research work.

Another constraint that was encountered arose from raisins fund to finance the project is was so difficult to transport do Delta, State because of the inflated price on transportation.

Another, constraint was being unable to get information. this was very difficult text because people are not willing to give out information most especially when it  re4lates to production.; this is because, they fell that you are acting as a spiel to their company. This now increase the financial stress since the researcher now have to travel down mote that the budgeted number of times he was suppose to travel to e the information in addition to that, a nonchalant attitude was put by the workers as result of their willingness to answer the questionnaires most especially in the aspect of age.


The following terms which are listed below are used in this  project for this reason, the researcher deem it fit to include their meaning so as to  enable users get more understanding from the project.    

1.   Business: webster’s new collegiate dictionary defines business as a commercial activity which is engaged in a means or sustaining level hood. It could also be defined as the use of organized effort by which people are engaged in commerce and industry to provide goods and services needed to maintain and  improve the quality of life. Business could also be defined in a more technical term as a human activity which is concerned with the production and distribution of goods and serves of an economy. It is a social device by which societies organize economic effort.

2.   Environment: this is defined as the aggregate of social and cultural conditions that influence the life of individual or community.

3.   Organization: organization could simply be referred to group of working together for the achievement of a specific goals e.g management student could be refer to as organization, churches, institutions, board of directors is an organization, e.t.c.

4.   Industry: this is an organization which engages in the manufacturing of good for services.

5.   Product: a product is a set of tangible and intangible attributes which include packaging, labour, price, manufacture/retailer services which a buyer may accept as offering satisfaction  of want or need.

6.   Localization: this is defined as the concentration of competing industries which produces the same material, service  the same market e.t.c are set up in the same location

7.   Sand silica: this is smooth, white powered san which is used in the production of bottles.

8.  Soda ash: this is an imported substances fastens the melting of the sand silica at a reduced temperature

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